Lets just move away from everyone and live in a hole !

If land is slope same would apply ,  with adaptation !

Hole dug and level, post positions marked out, dry stone foundation walls down, first retaining wall built against front bank

30 or so small trees and a bit of chainsawing later. Lift logs, prop up, nail together and continue until no longer wobbly.


Split logs over the top and palettes on the floor. Tree in to prop up sleeping platform. Palettes on the floor to take insulating bales.

As per the book “QOUTE”

heet of polyethylene is stretched around the outside of the wall. Shoring is placed between the posts and the polyethylene, one board at a time. The polyethylene is stretched snug, and earth is back-filled behind, pressing the polyethylene against the shoring and the shoring against the posts.


Build straw bale wall inside, a fun and quick job. The bales are stacked on rough dry stone wall and staked together with hazel sticks. Inside bales go on pallette floor ready for floorboards on top.

Pop windows in the holes, stuff straw into any gaps then chainsaw trim the bales smooth with cute roundy corners.

Spring, mud on the roof, plastering and whitewashing done

The Design:

The design of the house comes mostly from the combination of the following considerations:

  • Analysis of functions > elements > materials
  • Site survey (slope, features, aspect, access etc.)
  • Zoning, relationships of activities and requirements
  • Aesthetic, sculptural play
  • See how it goes, what works and feels good


Here is a video of one . A nice home and propane used for prpane stove







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