Sandro my first little “Munchkin”

I think in many ways this is great for my son .

Sandro wants to be responsible and wants to learn so many things.

Having an older nephew who is now 27 years old and going through his temper tantrums

and being kicked if I did not buy him what he wanted  , I am so relieved my son is nothing like that .

Of course I dont earn 100,000 a year like my sister does , hence why her kids were always spoilt , but my son is truly a sweeter boy .

He is my oldest, though not my first ,as we had a daughter and twins before him .

He was spoiled with Love .

Funny although his sister and him can bicker . He loves her truly and says she is the best thing that happened to him .

Everyone had brothers and sister but he was by himself and I knew he needed a sibling.

He loves the outdoors,swimming , fishing .And this year he says he will spend it in the local kids camp canoeing .

He loves making friends and loves chatting to everyone .

Its due to his love for the outdoors and of course all those  outdoor life documentaries he has watched since small that he has  made this his goal .

We are on a mission to first find the items we need to make his portable cabin on 5 by 8 wheels . As he is trying to save money for the cabin . It might take awhile and will have to be a slow project with recycled  materials for free or that we get from swap .

and the 5 by 8 trailer we will have to see if we can find someone who has one perhaps in not that great shape that we can have for Sandro .

I know my son will be a great guy ! I am not suprized his teacher ( who he has had 2 years straight in a row likes him so much , she tells me he is a stellar type of guy 🙂

He has been true a lot .His first couple of years of school was horrible , dealing with bullies.

I did try ! But the schools are useless . I can tell many horror stories  but I will just summarize it by the last one . I was told  that kids in catholic schools dont bully each other .

So my son must have a problem ! This was my son who would come home in tears and cry every day  not wanting to go to school . The principle after saying that said “Let us prayer now ” Yes my eyebrows raised

But even though my son went through a lot  and I have to say he is still well mannered kids

despite what he has experienced . I am truly lucky and the proud to call this little man my son !

And yes I want all his dreams to come true , like every mom wants of their kids 🙂

When he was born , I remember how worried I was after loosing his sister .I use to stay up to make sure he was okay . I was always worried and I felt like the walking dead because I could not sleep thinking of him , and if he was okay .

I know though because he has such a great outlook on life and still manages to love everyone …he will be okay 🙂

And when I am not around …well he has a “sassy little sister to look out for him ”





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