All under 50 ?? Really ? but would it work?

Well it definitely seems like the easiest to make and materials so far !

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 3ft x 5 ft black plastic
  • thin glass windows with frame
  • 1/2″ bolts
  • lumber
  • angled ABS plastic joints
  • cinder blocks
  • PVC pipe
  • dryer hose
  • black spray paint
  • 2×6 plywood
  • hand drill

Step By Step Instructions

1. First step is to build the frame, by attaching the lumber with the bolts.

2. Set the glass on top of thee frame to make sure that you got your measurements right.

3. Level the unit the same height as your window, outside your house using cinder blocks.

4. Feed the PVC pipe from the furnace into your window, like an exhaust.

5. Fit the dryer hose inside the frame like a coil, so it feels up the whole space inside.

6. Spray a light coat of black spray paint onto the aluminum.

7. Install the window panes on the front on the unit.

8. Drill holes into the 2X6 one larger one for the exhaust and smaller ones for the intake.

So How does it work? There is an intake that draws air out of the house and a larger exhaust that blows heated air into the house.

During the winter months, solar rays hit the box and heats up the cooler air which is then pushed back into the house. This is the perfect off grid heating solution.




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