Helping Sandro


As Sandro’s mom I have also been committed to helping him make his dreams come true 🙂

The little guy who was a miracle , born 14 months after I lost my twin daughters , who came when I was at the lowest point of depression and brought me sunshine 🙂

I have been going through my collection of vintage sewing patterns ! I must have hundreds of dollars spent in boxes in my basements . Going through them is time consuming but worth it .

Listed on Etsy as Ebays sellers fees at 9 percent is pretty high .

Now taking pictures and posting each one has taken me some time . I started at 3 pm and its now almost 9 pm and I have about 20 posts done. This may seem to be a weekend job as I have many more boxes to go  and I know many hidden pattern treasures .

We also have a CAD designer working to create tiny affordable home plans for others to purchase.


Please visit our store at



Or if you want to help Sandro along feel free to become a patreon of his  


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