Ebay and Etsy Scammer

I came across a seller on ebay : Here is his so called Bio on ebay :


I studied Engineering back in the early 1980’s. After over 30 years in the Construction industry I developed a passion for building cool items around my farm and cabin. I am sharing these with the world for $10 each. I’m adding new plans all the time

He is also selling these plans on Etsy , and looking at a remark from a review I was not the only one to notice this



His A frame he claims he designed from his grandfathers old cabin  is also given for free here :



He has ignored my messages asking why he would sell to people what is free on the internet and made by someone else trying to help out others but he has ignored me .

On etsy a woman who bought from him has remarked the same and stated he has not replied to why he has done that .

You have to laugh when he says he is sharing them with the world !

You mean selling what someone else has shared for free on the internet

I also asked him technical questions as in materials and he had no knowledge at all !

The picture you can bet is not him . He just has decided he found a good scam !

Shame on people with no morals !

2017-04-06 03_03_25-guystrand on eBay2017-04-06 03_10_10-TheBestDIYPlansStore by TheBestDIYPlansShop on Etsy



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